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Wood Seal

Bensons Polymers Ltd. Polyfix Wood Seal

POLYFIX Wood Seal is the fastest and strongest sealant to seal the holes in wood, without cracking, shrinking, sinking or falling out like many water based fillers.
  • Fills cracks and holes.
  • Dries hard and smooth in less than minute.
  • May be stained when dry or just add stain, Other Fillers have trouble accepting stain.
  • Non-flammable & provides long and durable bond.
  • Long seal life.
Directions to Use
Determine the color of the wood and/or wood stain and fill powder of same colour and then pour POLYFIX Wood Seal on powder to harden.
  • Area should be clean and dry.
  • If gouge is rough, sand it first
  • Always use the pad rubbing in the direction of the grain.
  • Lightly sand the defective area using a rubber block and sandpaper to remove any ridge around the damage area.
  • Make sure area is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.
  • Clean any loose material out of the defect.
  • You will need to remove the darkened material using a knife or sandpaper.
  • It is better to have your repair lighter in color to the surrounding area than darker
  • Allow to dry completely between layers.
  • Slightly overfill the defect.
  • Always scrap in the direction of the damage, keeping both edges of the putty knife on solid wood.
  • Gently buff the repair using a clean white cotton towel working with the grain.
  • Allow the material to dry hard (1-5 minutes depending on depth of repair.)
  • Once dry, sand flat using sandpaper.
  • Sand in the direction of the grains.

  • Very fast and Quick Setting, Sets almost in a minute
  • Versatile, Able to seal hard and soft wood both with a wide range of wood available in market.
  • No need of heating or mixing.
  • Time Saving, Due to fast curing speed time consumption is very low as compared with conventional water based adhesive used in this application. It doesn't require waiting dry for a longer period.


Slightly expensive as compared to conventional water adhesive used earlier in this application. Difficult to apply in big holes- As the material is expensive the covering of big holes will not be viable

Health hazard data

Our product is not included in any list for carcinogenicity. Possible routes of entry for the sealant include skin and ingestion.. Do not get sealant on your skin or other parts of your body, or that of others. In case of body contact, flush with water. Seek medical attention for any eye or internal contact.

  • Eye Irritant
  • Bonds skin in seconds


Eye Contact : Cyanoacrylates are eye irritants and tissue bonders. Anyone using it should take extreme care. Precautions should be taken like use of goggles, in order to avoid eye contact. In case the adhesive comes in contact with the eye, the eyes should be continuously washed with water for some time and the person should be provided medical aid immediately. If eye lids are bonded closed, no one should attempt to separate them except a qualified physician. In case of bonding corneal surface, forced separation is not recommended at all. Leave the eye to remain closed and allow the bond to separate naturally, which usually occur within a few days.

Skin Contact : Cyanoacrylates are mild irritants to the skin. Though relatively non-toxic, they quickly form strong bonds between adjacent skin surfaces, e.g. fingers. To separate them, the bonded part should be soaked in warm and soapy water for sufficient time and then the bond should be gently peeled off. Alternatively, a dull instrument such as a table knife or a thin wire can be forced through the bond. Solvents like acetone or nail polish remover can also be used but with appropriate caution.
In case the adhesive is spread over a large skin area, that part of the skin should be flushed with large amounts of water. To wipe off excess adhesive, a soaking wet cloth can be used. If the adhesive has soaked through clothing, use huge amount of water to flush the involved area. If the cloth has bonded to the skin, the skin can be damaged if the bonded clothing is attempted to be removed without these precautions. The adhesive will automatically flake off from the skin within a day or so.

Oral Contact: Though Cyanoacrylates are relatively non-toxic, rapid polymerization (hardening) of the adhesive will take place if they come in contact with the surfaces of the mouth. The mouth should be continuously flushed with water and medical aid should be provided immediately. In case lips are bonded, hot water or solvent can be used to gently peel apart the adhesives.

  • Use with proper ventilation
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact with skin occurs, rinse with warm water or dissolve gradually with solvent such as acetone, di-methlformanide or nitromethanel. Do not try to remove forcibly.
  • If sealant gets into eye, keep eye open and rinse throughly, Seek medical attention immediately.
  • Keep well out of reach of children
  • Keep adhesive in cool & dry place.

Polyfix Wood Seal
Wood Seal


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