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Wallpaper Adhesive

Over the last 20-30 years the contents of wallpaper adhesive has tremendously changed. Today 90% of wallpaper is vinyl coated; vinyl laminated to a paper backing or vinyl laminated to a fabric backing. Most wallpapers pasted on the commercial buildings are solid vinyl or fabric backed vinyl.

POLYFIX ® Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive is a specially formulated wallpaper adhesive, which offers a feeling of tack. Wallpaper self adhesive feels tacky when wet. Curing time is very slow and adjusted after getting practical experience of fixing wallpapers. This tacky feeling was deliberately included in the product as the air bubbles can be removed easily by just pressing the rubber wiper, especially on a slick or new surface. Wallpaper adhesive is cost effective and convenient to apply. Our company can provide wallpaper powder adhesive as per the specific requirements of customers.

What Are the Steps to Fix It?
  • Make sure you've turned off all the electrical power.
  • Remove all the covers and plates from your electrical outlets and switches
  • Inspect your walls for any holes or cracks that need to be filled in with spackling compound.
  • Sand your walls of any excess plaster or paste residue; they need to be smooth for the wallpaper to adhere to them. If your walls currently have a coat of gloss paint on them, you'll need to sand the walls until they have a dull surface.
  • Apply POLYFIX ® wallpaper adhesive by brush/roller, where the wallpaper has to be applied. Proper care must be taken while applying so that no area is left without adhesive brushing.
  • Fix wall paper and apply pressure by hands. Keep a cotton cloth in hand for proper pressing
  • Use rubber wiper for escaping air bubbles and adjust the wall paper by stretching it slowly.
  • Clean all extra adhesive from upper side of wall paper with wet cloth and remove fingerprints with a damp cloth

Patch Wallpaper
  • Use scissors to cut a patch of new wallpaper larger than the area to be covered.
  • Carefully tear the edges of the patch wallpaper because it will be less noticeable than a straight cut edge.
  • Remove any loose wallpaper from the area you are patching.
  • Align the patterns to make sure that the patch will work
  • Clean and smooth the area to be patched with a damp sponge.
  • Apply wallpaper adhesive to the back of the patch, place it on the wall, and smooth it into place with a damp sponge. Plastic container (Quantity: 5kg)
  • Allow the patch to dry for 10 to 15 minutes, then lightly press the repaired seams with a seam roller.

Single component, water may be mixed if required, dried films can be removed easily with wet cloth, can be applied with brush or roller, only to be applied one side (i.e. on wall side coating) is enough.

Packings Available
Plastic container (Quantity: 5kg, 1Kg.)

Wallpaper adhesive

Wallpaper adhesive

Bensons Polymers Ltd. Wallpaper Powder Adhesive

We are the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of a wide range of wallpaper powder adhesive.

wallpaper powder adhesive


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