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Automotive Adhesives

Benson Polymers Limited is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Automotive Adhesives. These adhesives are widely used in automobile industry for joining composite and plastic materials and are consider as the best alternative for mechanical fasteners. The use of adhesives makes the material light in weight without sacrificing efficiency. These adhesives helps in expanding the choice of composites and dissimilar substrates in the vehicle and also improves the stress distribution. The variety of our offered product line allows for a multitude of customized and standard uses, accommodating the specific requirements of different auto makers.

  • Excellent bonding strength
  • Stress distribution
  • Reduces weight of the vehicle parts by removing unnecessary fasteners

Bensons Polymers Ltd. Air Filter Adhesive

Air filters are made by bonding rubber ring to tin having small holes which are widely used by automobiles.Polyfix instant glue is used which is best suitable and have strong bond. The application is tough as the bond is in direct exposure to high temperature and oil and greasy surroundings.

  • Enhanced bonding performance
  • Reduction of welding spots
  • Improvement of body stiffness and durability
  • Functionality over a wide temperature range
  • Greater flexibility in part geometry and material selection
Application Areas
  • Automobile Industries
  • Auto Repairing Shops
  • Service Center (Cars and bikes)

Air Filter Adhesive

Bensons Polymers Ltd. Automotive Repair Adhesives

We have half gram plastic tubes instantglue in the name of Polyfix from which we may repair motorcycle handles, or small repairs like lights of motorcycles, cars may be done easily in automobiles shops by using small quantity.

Automotive Repair Adhesives

Bensons Polymers Ltd. Backlight Repair Adhesives

Our offered Backlight Repair Adhesives is available in 20 gram and 0.5 gram of capacity. These adhesives are ideal for repairing backlight of different vehicles. For small crack half gram of POLYFIX backlight repair adhesive is enough but if the crack is long then 20 Gram pack of this adhesive is required to fix it. These adhesives sometimes makes the light rough or hazy but by using cloth buffering machine one can get the shiny and smooth finish back very easily.

  • Quick effect
  • Reduce product weight by removing fasteners
  • Great flexibility
  • Excellent stress distribution

Backlight Repair Adhesives

Bensons Polymers Ltd. Helmet Making Adhesive

Helmet Making Adhesive is ideal for fixing rubber molding to helmets. It provides excellent quality bond which last longer. In not more than a couple of minutes it creates a strong bond between the moldings and helmet. This range is highly praised owing to their qualitative features such as superior bond, waterproof and excellent durability.

  • Provides strong bonding
  • Dampen Vibration and absorbs shock
  • Excellent adhesive dispensing stability without any fluctuation of shot amount, slump after dispensing and stringing
  • Adhesives have strong adhesion to various components
  • Cured adhesives have excellent electrical properties and heat resistance during soldering
  • It is a one-part adhesive with good workability, and has excellent storage stability as well
  • Adhesives for double-side

  • Helmet manufacturing industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Air filter Adhesive
  • Back light adhesive
  • Bumper Adhesive

Helmet Making Adhesive

Bensons Polymers Ltd. Water based Adhesive

We are the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of a wide range of Water based Adhesive.

Water based Adhesive


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